Over the past couple days I’ve felt restless, like I want to DO something. By do something I don’t mean do anything I mean something of importance, something that will change something or help someone or fix a problem. I don’t have anything to do though, so as result, I’ve been binge watching David Doberik’s vlogs and eating kinda shitty. chandler

I have two blogs half written sitting and waiting impatiently in my drafts, and each day I have attempted writing them and achieved absolutely nothing. Zero. Naught. Zilch. Nothing. I try to read, but get distracted by my phone and then precede to get bored by social media, so I try to draw but then get frustrated at my lack of “talent” so I turn to YouTube. And I get sucked into YouTube every single time, so five hours, four tags, ten chubby bunny challenges, twenty two reaction videos, ten mukbangs, four makeup tutorials, six try not to laughs, one try not to cry, thirty eight conspiracy theory videos and ten billion vlogs later I realize that it’s eleven o’clock at night and I have wasted a whole day being unproductive.


I personally don’t know exactly how to get out of this cycle and it is physically and mentally draining me. I have gotten nothing productive done, I have lost one of my favourite books of this year (Oscar Wilde’s writings, De Profundis and others) and I am at my wits end.

Over the course of the weekend I have, researched on getting into Harvard and if it was worth it, I have watched half of a Planet Earth II episode, ate appallingly and went on approximately four YouTube binges and in order to break this dreadful cycle I have attempted to make a sort-of routine and goals for the summer holidays.

(You can follow with me this summer if you want!)

Morning Routine- Wake up, Eat breakfast, Workout, Shower, Get Dressed. {At least one pint of water and chamomile tea}

Day Routine- Get one productive thing done, Try to meet with friends, Start a good TV show if all else fails, Read a book, Eat dinner. {Study, Clean,Write Book, Write a blog, Research+} also more water!!!

Evening Routine- Get productive thing done if not done by now, Relax, Watch YouTube, Read, Call a friend you miss, If you skipped this mornings workout, workout now, watch a TV show or movie, Have a snack, LOTS OF WATER!

Night Routine- Try to get off phone thirty minutes before bed, Do a face mask or wash and moisturize face, Apply bio oil to eyelashes and skin, Read, WATER!!

Okay so I think this is what I have decided to stick with, there is quite a bit of option but still a sort of routine feel. I desperately need to try to be productive this summer because somehow time is fly by so fast!

If you have any tips, recommendations or even questions, go ahead and write away in the comments.tenor

Love, H


Me, Myself and I.

Who am I? Where am I? How am I? Why am I? What am I?


I’m Hollie, a teen from Dublin,Ireland and I am good, apart for the head cold I have at the moment. I don’t know the answer to why I am yet as I’m still on the journey to find out. What am I? I am a girl, I am human, I am Irish, I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, I am white,I am poor, I am a book lover, I am a feminist, I am pro-black lives matter, I am pro choice, I am pro- LGBTQ+, and I am, now, a blogger. All of these things are things I will blog about and discuss. I will discuss the serious aspects of my identity and life but I will also blog about the funny, silly and goofy parts of my life (there is quite a few).

I will basically discuss everything and anything, and I’ll try not to go too dark. My brain is quite unorganized so there won’t be any theme, plus I’m quite the procrastinator so if I happen to miss a blog, I’m sorry but you have been for warned.tumblr_oh4faevHBG1so18vqo1_540

Books are my main love in life, I started reading independently when I was maybe seven? six? My neighbour, who I have been close to all of my life, actually gave me the books she read and her daughter read when they were young and I got obsessed straight away. I remember going home and starting the book on the top of the pile and just sitting there for hours. As I’ve gotten older, my love for books has only grown and here I am, with three hundred+ books on my tbr list and no money to buy any of them. idiva_gif_01

I love writing also, and I am actually writing my own book and have been for about six months. I haven’t really gone anywhere word wise, but I am proud of my character and world building. I have always written, short stories and silly poems in every copy, creative writing clubs and all. D.E.A.R time was my favourite in school (Drop Everything And Read) because I could either read or write stories.

I play basketball also, and I love it with all of my heart. I played obsessively in primary school and stopped a bit when I got into secondary so I’m rusty, but I’m trying to start to play again. I don’t know why I love basketball so much, but nothing makes me happier than when I’m holding a basketball (a book is competition though).

I like psychology, sociology, astrology,law,politics and neuroscience but I don’t which I would like to study yet. I would quite lsimpike a job that included something to do with human rights and maybe law and psychology, but to be honest with you I change my mind every other week lol.

I wanted to start blogging because I wanted to try reach out to other people and help them as well as spread my ideas and such. Plus, I think its gonna be fun.

Anyway, this was a short introduction to who I am and what I am, just so we are now acquainted. Tell me about you!

Who are you? Where are you? How are you? Why are you? What are you?


Love, H.